Why save Kodak film?

The very name Kodak is synonymous with all that is good about photography.

We’d like to hear from you why you think Kodak film should be saved.

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Letter to Mr. Antonio Perez CEO of Kodak

Dear Mr. Perez,

Kodaks purpose is to enrich us with the special Kodak Moment. Not to enrich your Bank Account. I´m not happy with the fact that the same Guy who has driven Kodak against the wall is still in charge.
What Kodak needs is a new George Eastman like Apple needed Steve Jobs.
So please former President and Chief Executive Officer of HP’s Inkjet Imaging Business, get the hell out of Kodak and sell your Printers elsewhere.

Kindest Regards

Antonino Zambito
Kodak Film Photographer

Kodak bankruptcy seeks bonuses executives

Outrage bonus paid to Kodak ceo antonio perez

Kodak bonuses approved

I want to buy the Kodak Film Business!

OK, let’s be realistic. I don’t have the Money to do that. Looking for Investors is hard and i’m sure there are already some people negotiating with Kodak. I hope the new owner loves the Kodak film as much as we all do and doesn’t mess with the Emulsion. Nobody wants a film manufactured by an Asian company in a Kodak branded box. We want the real stuff!

To save Kodak film as it is, we have to show the investors that it’s worthwhile to do so.

The only chance we have is – beside wasting film like there is no tomorrow – to build a strong community that supports this idea in contributing to this Blog.

So contribute to this Blog and help me save Kodak film!

Poll: Should Kodak film live forever?