Letter to Mr. Antonio Perez CEO of Kodak

Dear Mr. Perez,

Kodaks purpose is to enrich us with the special Kodak Moment. Not to enrich your Bank Account. I´m not happy with the fact that the same Guy who has driven Kodak against the wall is still in charge.
What Kodak needs is a new George Eastman like Apple needed Steve Jobs.
So please former President and Chief Executive Officer of HP’s Inkjet Imaging Business, get the hell out of Kodak and sell your Printers elsewhere.

Kindest Regards

Antonino Zambito
Kodak Film Photographer

Kodak bankruptcy seeks bonuses executives

Outrage bonus paid to Kodak ceo antonio perez

Kodak bonuses approved


13 thoughts on “Letter to Mr. Antonio Perez CEO of Kodak

  1. HARE KRSNA too you guys i whold just say pray for film to stay as hard as i do to Krsna. Because the world we are living now is very artificial. People are looking up for the digital technologi as if it is the god himshelf. Lazy crazy unfortunate people they don’t know what it will do to them at the end. Film is wery important more than you
    can imagine, film is bringing life and light to the photography and the cinema and subsequentli
    to the peoples heards in this age of machines. Whether the digital alone onli bringing death and
    more artificialilty to this world. There is profound
    diference betven square placed next to each other by microprocesor and light it self cutting in to the silver dust. Profound beyond imagination.
    Personali i think the advertisment for film stock
    and cameras in masmedia is important for succes.
    Because most of the common people are thinkyng everything is digital now, they du not now that many of the beatiful fotos and movies they see everyday is shot on film stock, they many times eaven do not now that film is stil awalible and that is the truth. They ned to now weri weri much they need to be encouraged to it.
    Simple as that reklama funny pozitive powerful
    not stupid ask Quentin Tarantino i guarantee you
    he will not refuse 1000% and it will blow their minds away promise :-).
    HARE KRSNA truly yours Tomas taperecorder.
    Analog sound engener.

  2. Does any of this make sense to you? They killed E-6 kits and then canceled E-6 films claiming that demand dropped. They sent a product cancellation notice to sellers for Portra NC and VC, which made sales plummet, but neglected to send an announcement for new Portra. Does a company that plans on continuing operation fire sale intellectual property instead of licensing? Does a company that plans on continuing operation close down their online e-commerce site and stop answering sales questions from the contacts page?

    Does the SEC want to take a peek behind that corporate veil? I hear looting sounds coming from behind.

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