Take Action

Don’t just lay down and take it! Stand up! Take action! Let the world and companies know that we are here and we need Kodak film!

1. Spread the word
Tell the world what films you use and your Kodak story by sharing this on blog´s, Facebook etc.

2. Write to Kodak
Don´t let them discontinue film

3. Shoot!
“Waste” film like there’s no tomorrow! There’s no better way to show the world about the joy of Kodak film than shooting.

If you have a great idea for a project or other occasion – contact me. I’ll collect the best ideas for a future section of this website.


23 thoughts on “Take Action

  1. This blog should focus on saving Kodak as a whole IP. Sorry but the film sector is out…for now. If the company regains a foothold somewhere, then there can be insight into a film division.

    Anyways, There are so many wonderful things we take for granted today that were developed by Kodak. Just today I was looking at real reasonable-cost OLED TVs breaking through the market this year. They look incredible and we wouldn’t have them without Kodak.

    So, don’t just save Kodak film….SAVE KODAK!!!

    • Dear Sovereign Arete,

      according to Kodak, the film business is still profitable. They lose money in other divisions. Since Mr. Antonino Perez joined Kodak, they focus on printer solutions. A very funny fact because the CEO Mr. Perez worked for Hewlett Packard before. He tried to reinvent Kodak – but this is not what Kodak stands for. Kodak stands for innovation stands for Imaging. Under Perez’s leadership the price of Kodak shares has decreased from around 25 dollars in 2005 to 37½ cents last Thursday.
      Maybe we can´t save Kodak as whole IP like you suggested. But there is the possibility to save Kodak film – it’s still profitable.

  2. What I want to know, Kodak invests heavily in R&D and innovates in Cine Film, would the innovations in Cine Film (ie. as done with Portra and Ektar) still be passed to the Film manufacturer who has bought out Kodaks still Film business?

    • The problem (one of the problems) is that there appears to be a lot of “magic” in film manufacturing. I have read that emulsions that have gone away (Tech Pan, Panatomic X) can’t be recreated. Emulsions that Kodak have moved to different plants when they shut plants down have changed – even the film looked different without comparing image characteristics, and the processing recommendations changed. Personally, I’ve always viewed the film as the means to an end: to be taken into the darkroom and printed. I really lament the loss of the gamut of printing papers (emulsion, paper substrate, surface texture) that Kodak used to produce, many of which have no current equivalents (“N” surface, for instance).

      • True say, and todays Ektar is not as good as the old Ektar, so I heard. I mean I don’t use Kodak Film much, I absolutely love Ektachrome e100vs and if you check http://www.stevehuffphoto.com and look at my travel articles there (Contax G2 in the Karakoram and Hindu Kush) e100vs shines, and I have been gutted since Kodak discontinued it as it IS the best travel film. I also shoot some Tri X 400, but that is about it. lately I’ve fallen in love with Agfa APX 100 and Rollei’s versions of Agfa – Agfa being another great name which has gone, but the legacy continues. For the sake of film though, I understand the latest Films have been developed from Kodak’s Cine film line (btw I shoot Super 8 Extachrome 100D and love it) and I hope the trend continues as Film needs to develop (no pun intended)

    • This should be part of the negotiation. I think the best choice for the Manufacturer would be to stay in Rochester and to use the facilities and the know how that is allready there. They could produce the Cine Films for Kodak and benefit from the R&D.

  3. I just bought 30 rolls of kodak color plus I know its not a lot but I will buy more film and do my part to stop kodak film from going under.

  4. I think what this movement needs is some international attention to draw people who use film to our cause. Im sure there are millions of film photographers out there who use film but dont know about kodak selling its film sector or about this blog.

  5. Shouldnt the share holders have fired The CEO Antonio Perez a long time ago? Maybe if we all became share holders we could vote to fire perez and get a more competent CEO. But Im not sure if this word work and since Im only 17 I dont have the money to do so. For now Im just going to stick to buying film

  6. I was at my local photolab the other day and realized they had sold out of all kodak color film the only film left was 2 rolls of 120 tmax. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

  7. Why just save the film? Save the Pocket Instamatics camera’s , the flash cubes, the printer paper and the ink cartridges the go with the EasyShare cameras

  8. I disagree to a point. All products. past and present are important when it comes to Kodak. They were one of the best camera and photo companies in America when I was growing up and they could be again.

    Also, all things must modernize a little now and then.

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